Family Celebration 60+


Being unable to have a 60th anniversary last year due to construction of a new facility, Brabender celebrated with a customer oriented event known internally as “60+1”. This event was a great success and allowed Brabender to put on a great show at its new home.


Canada, Russia, India, Dubai and China: all employees were invited to this celebration and were present, identified by the bright red polo shirts they wore. Guests included customers, business partners and of course the Brabender family members. Everybody was welcomed by General Manager Bruno Dautzenberg, Duisburg’s Mayor Sören Link and the General Manager of the Lower Rhine Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Stefan Dietzfelbinger. The fact that Brabender Technologie has retained its identity as a family business, despite all its growth, globalization and constant competitive pressures, particularly impressed the Mayor. “And therefore, I would not only like to congratulate the company on its anniversary, but also congratulate its employees on the company they work for.”


Tours and demonstrations in the new building

The program of events began shortly after the speeches. Small groups were formed for the German- and English-language tours. After a short tour of the production facilities, experts, set up demonstrations in the Technical Center to show feeder refilling issues (article on page 4). Guests could follow the demonstrations on large screens showing how, for instance, a clogged filter or a jammed valve can have a serious negative impact on weighing and feeding during the refilling process.

A simulated remote service support was also demonstrated in the Technical Center. A Brabender technician posing as a customer made a live call to the remote maintenance team regarding a feeder fault. A large screen was set up for the audience to view both parties interacting simultaneously online. This was a great way of presenting this service to a wide audience and demonstrating the benefits of Brabender remote service called Team Viewer.

To finish off the tour, the group entered the main building entrance where there was an exhibition of historic and modern Brabender Technologie equipment and control systems. Staff were available to chat with visitors and answer questions.


Relaxed and sociable

Of course, food and drink was an important part of the event. Various vendors served treats such as specialty coffees and Italian ice cream. Ruhr region specialties like curried sausage and pilsner were highlights at the event. Some of the entertainment was provided by the Kay Grossmann Band, who ensured a lively mood. Those who fancied a bit of exercise were able to demonstrate their dexterity on the Segway course. The charity “Deutschland rundet auf” also had a booth at this event. Brabender Technologie supports this charitable organization, which finances projects intended to fight child poverty. In addition to the familiar “Please round the total up!” at the supermarket checkout for private individuals, companies can also use this charitable body as a platform for demonstrating social commitment – Brabender Technologie employees are setting a good example and inspiring others as well to join in.

This shared anniversary celebration was enjoyed by both guests and employees. However, once the guests had departed, employees from around the world sat together for a long time – after all, such international, casual get-togethers don’t occur every day. However this time they coincided with a 60th anniversary plus one!


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