For no-worries enjoyment

The weigh-belt feeder for the food industry: easy-to-clean design and precision bulk materials handling

When chocolate fans bite into a bar of chocolate containing whole hazelnuts, they barely think about how the hazelnuts got there. Consumers do not have to worry about their health either when consuming chocolate. That’s all taken care of during the production process.

Special feeders, which on the one hand leave ingredients undamaged and on the other hand meet high hygiene standards, are used to add formulation-compliant admixtures. Brabender Technologie’s weigh-belt feeder, the DBW-G1-350 HYD “Hygienic Design” model, is specialized to handle such food industry feed processes.

Preventive action to guard against contamination

This weigh-belt feeder is an enhancement of our traditional product range for the food industry. It was conceptually designed in cooperation with leading food producers strictly in accordance with “hygienic design” principles, factoring in the relevant food industry standards, guidelines and recommendations. So, all the components on this model that contact with food products or ingredients are made of smooth stainless steel or food-compatible plastics. These preventive measures permanently and reliably avert any contamination caused by microbiological, chemical or physiological contaminants.

Furthermore, the DBW-G1-350 HYD weigh-belt feeder features an easy-to-clean tubular frame, which gathers practically no dust. Careful attention has also been paid to ensuring that weld seams are burnished, non-porous and thoroughly penetrated as well as to avoiding cavities. Depending on the required configuration – either completely open or with easily removable side panels – the weigh-belt feeder’s innovative design makes cleaning an uncomplicated affair.

High-performance, aseptic operation

The weigh-belt feeder is powered as standard by a fanless, aseptic, smooth-finish geared motor, the design of which also complies with food industry hygiene standards. It can easily cope with quantities of up to several hundred kilograms of bulk solids per hour and furthermore features some very decent reserve capacity. As a weigh-belt feeder the DBW-G1-350 HYD is also particularly suitable for use as a gravimetric feeder of brittle bulk solids, such as flakes, almonds, chips etc. These admixtures are treated with care and not corrupted by the feeding process. It is vital, especially in chocolate production, that nuts, for example, retain their original shape. 

Be it for cleaning or maintenance proposes, this weigh-belt feeder’s accessible design enables belts to be replaced easily from side-on and without the need to use any tools. Other options, like a flexible infeed sleeve with self-sealing spring steel closure and a mounted dust collection and discharge hopper are also available.


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